May 21, 2016

The Recurring Rossby Wave Train Average Oscillation Period

Long story short. A while back I automated a technique to find recurring patterns in the atmosphere. From these data assimilations I produce medium and long range forecast composites. (A painfully long story is told within all posts of this Blog)

I know there are folks that prefer the Gary Lezak Recurring Cycle and the Doug Heady Pattern. Through my data driven approach I have automated user friendly forecast guidance based on the rudimentary one pattern one cycle technique, the LRC and Heady Pattern. I provide these deterministic and probabilistic forecast guides, for free, for anyone to use and assist in making medium and long range forecasts.

Analyze the instructional navigation images linked at the bottom of this entry, then head on over to the link below this paragraph to view the data. I understand that the current locales included with the RRWT average oscillation period are regionally derived for my personal agenda (WI and surrounding states). If there is a place in Canada, Mexico, or the CONUS you'd like to see please inquire via comment or email. I would be happy to oblige the request.

*There is only a specific portion of the site that is derived from the RRWT average oscillation period (navigated to via instructional navigation images below)

If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions on the material presented please let me know.

Link to instructioinal navigation images:
Navigate RRWT Average OP Content