Oct 16, 2015

Lezak's Recurring Cycle; Annually Unique and Fascinating!

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My thoughts on this subject are not the same as Gary Lezak's. Pattern correlation data suggests the energy displacement has already taken place. The chart below depicts the lower correlation results in blue, highlighted with a green rectangle.

This displacement happened during the Summer months and was finally assimilated in September. In three to four weeks, when Gary Lezak believes all previous pattern correlation should completely diminish, the pattern correlation data will be picking up on a more robust connective signal. What happened last year during this critical and fascinating time frame?

Data suggests by mid November 2014 the pattern correlation was red hot. How can this be? If it were a new and unique pattern there would be zero correlation until the second go around, which would not surface until January. I am sensing there isn't a new and unique pattern setting up as Lezak's Recurring Cycle suggests. So then, I ask myself, why wait for the LRC or the Heady Pattern?

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