Feb 28, 2015

New Product - ESRL Style Maps

I have always wanted to produce those fancy weather maps that I see all over the Internet. I read some how-to but never fully invested. I am lazy. Instead of producing them myself I figured I would outsource. The ESRL provides the perfect setup. Utilizing some of my new tracking output I have introduced ESRL style forecast maps.

I am currently producing 500mb Geopotential Height anomaly, Surface Temperature anomaly, Surface Sea Level Pressure anomaly, and Surface Precipitable Water anomaly maps. Forecast ranges include 6-10, 11-15, 16-20 and 21-25 day. The forecasts can be found here. For the fun of it, below are the most recent (maybe) daily temperature anomaly forecast maps. Click here for more.

USA- 6-10 Day Forecast - Surface Temperature

USA- 11-15 Day Forecast - Surface Temperature

USA- 16-20 Day Forecast - Surface Temperature

USA- 21-25 Day Forecast - Surface Temperature

Like all of this junk, it is a work in progress. If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions on the material presented please let me know. Thanks for reading!