Feb 18, 2014

Seeking an Auto Discovery Cycle Duration - Part 3

I am putting the 500mb sounding correlations to use and seeking the recurring weather pattern. There is talk about severe weather approaching. The SPC probabilistic outlook for 2/20-21 is below. This feature has occurred before.

I want to track this feature back in time through the ISO. I start by seeking the dominant components in the correlations. The listed correlations are the greatest positive correl from the short and long term ISO components. Short-term is on the left, long-term is on the right. Give or take a day or two on each side, I see a consistent short-term component of 20-21 days in the FEB correls. I utilize standing wave harmonics and pin point a long-term component of 60-63 days. I see a consistent long-term component of ~50 days in the DEC correls.

FEB Correlations

DEC Correlations

Observations and Forecasts

Starting with the forecast date of 2/20/14 I subtract ~60 days and find 12/21/13, I then subtract ~50 days from 12/21/13 and find 10/31/13. Simply put, from within the correlations we are seeing the movement of ISO components in relation to the recurring Rossby Wave Train and cyclic weather patterns. If there is interest in the data it can be found here. Another step closer.

Click for FEB observations
500-Millibar Height Contour Map 20140220
Storm Prediction Center Storm Reports 20140220

If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions on the material presented please let me know. Thanks for reading!