Jan 28, 2012

Temperature Forecast Trends based on the LRC

Recently I updated my LRC Forecast Trend "Model" for dynamically setting the cycle length. I envision better resolution and an easy way to generate the trends for past and future years. Currently the formulas use a 50 day cycle length as a bias. The numbers are then offset based on cycle length to forecast a trend. It works like a dream as long as the cycle interpreter gets the cycle length correct. Fun stuff!

Effort is minimal to run the numbers for any location. My first attempt for locations other than my backyard stem from a few fellow Blogger friends who are somewhat LRC skeptics that have I been in communication with for a few years now.

Tim in Duluth, MN
Temperature Forecast Trend for Duluth, MN

WxWatcher near Columbia, MO
Temperature Forecast Trend for Columbia, MO

WX Ranger NW in Grand Coulee, WA
Temperature Forecast Trend for Grand Coulee, WA

Each trend tells a story of a different climate region. The Pacific Northwest being the most intriguing as it seems to be the most anomalous at this point. Regardless, the LRC is amazing and if you are reading this I am glad you may have some interest in following along! I will admit, I've spent a few hours on this particular project. I plan to add precipitation chances into it next. Then after that anything goes that we (LRC'ers) desire to toss into it for it to become a fully sensible long range weather trend suite of information. The greatest thing about the trend, thus far, is after each recurrence the validity of the it grows! Pin point accuracy for an unproven theory... WEEKS AND MONTHS IN ADVANCE! We will see how it plays out.

As always, if there are any questions or thoughts on my research and analysis of the LRC or how I presented the material just let me know in the comments section of the blog. Thanks for reading!